With a noticeable spike in the digital shoppers over the past few years and their desire for convenience of early delivery over price and the days are not too far wherein the delivery windows will be shrinked to hours instead of days……. companies need to pace up big time.

The need of the hour is to close the unwanted gaps that may arise in meeting such demands. Managing the ever increasing demands means managing customers’ expectations while delivering above and beyond your competitors. To deliver early and win the competitive edge calls for the most expensive leg of the operation in your logistics game – Last Mile Delivery to be perfected.

Last Mile delivery or as the name very well speaks sits atop all the touchpoints in your operations where there is a gap to be filled with optimized process. More importantly, last mile delivery becomes ever so crucial today with new entrants trying to compete with the likes of Amazon and other big shots. The crux of the matter lies in having that robust system beneath the expectation of delivering consistent brand equity in the final mile, while also managing the costs.

Some of the gaps that brew up if one doesn’t have a good system in place for Last Mile delivery execution are:

  • The gap between customer expectation and business deliverables
  • Customers may have an expectation of continuous engagement and notification which can be fulfilled to a better extent with a robust system in place. The engagement is an important aspect of business goals in regards with customer satisfaction.
  • The gap between processes and operational efficiency
    The processes can be better optimized if downstream operations have the desired synergy amongst them. Digitizing the delivery process enables optimized processes.
  • The gap between operational control and logistics managers Logistics Managers can better handle their job with better visibility into their processes thus achieving better operational control. The same is enabled by having a dashboard view with actionable insights.

Gojentha Delivery Management software not only closes the above stated gaps but brings more to the table with its intuitive platform that has your back covered from the order entry level. Let’s take a deeper look on what GoJentha Delivery Management delivers exactly:

  • Route Optimization and Planning
    GoJentha platform lets you achieve the desired optimization in regards with your resources and routes to have cost effective quality delivery management. The platform behaves both in a predictive and proactive manner to deliver results dynamically in real time.
  • Visibility of Multiple Carrier Networks
    85% of truck owners in India own 2-3 trucks. Hence, not all requirements can be fulfilled without depending upon lot of
    networked carriers. Now the question comes, how do you provide visibility for those trucks/vehicles who are not in your network. Dash board view gives you actionable insights of your deliveries/orders etc.
  • Dashboard and Analytics
    The dash board and analytics provide data for analytics. Some may be real time and some may be post the delivery. 360degree is more to do with live tracking of consignments and other actions.
  • Tracking and Geo-Fence Alerts
    Uber like visibility is provided to the end customer with complete tracking abilities and alerts. Tracking will help both dispatchers and clients to know their consignment status. Geo fence visibility allows customer tracking the consignment just like Uber or Ola
  • Dynamic Assignments
    GoJentha platform offers the capability to have dynamic assignments on the fly to meet every kind of delivery schedule when it comes to last mile delivery expectations. Push notification of route availability are provided and assignments are dynamically done for the driver. On the fly assignment in regards with meal delivery service is one such example which follows dynamic assignment approach based on route availability.
  • Real time ETA
    Customer engagement is one of the key parameters when it comes to last mile delivery. Customers are kept informed of the real time ETA including cascading effects owing to the quick responsiveness of the platform.
  • POD
    Real Time POD, Condition of Delivery, Feedback and other documentation requirements are available at Point of Service.

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